About the ReGen Cooperative

Regenerative, ...  beyond sustainable.

The Regenerative Landscape Alliance, LLC,, is a full-service landscape contracting company. We provide a full range of services including: consultation, design, installation, maintenance, and management. Our team has a high degree of specialization in rainwater harvesting earthworks and rain tank systems, greywater systems of all types, irrigation systems, water management, and waterwise, native, and Mediterranean landscapes. With a deep background in Permaculture, we love to include edible plants in landscapes that are climate appropriate, regenerative of soil carbon, productive, and aesthetically pleasing.  

A member owned cooperative, we are dedicated to a collaborative process that leverages the diversity of perspective, expertise, and strength that our team brings to bear.







My yard was transformed from dry old lawn front and back to a colorful garden with fruit trees and an ever changing display of lovely flowers, herbs and greenery. I love capturing all the rain that falls on my little square of property and the many bees and other pollinators that frequent the space.
— Jo Black
Thank you so so much. I’m so happy. It is the best greywater system! I can’t believe it took me this long to get a greywater system installed. But I think it was meant to be because Barbara, Fred and Josh, were so nice, so professional, and totally knew what they were doing. They did an amazing job. My husband is happy too with the greywater system which is great because he was a little bit hesitant about it. It’s perfect
— Alison Jordan
The (photos of the transformation) are wonderful to see.The growth has been exponential!!Thank you all!!
— Ann Dusenberry
I am writing a letter of appreciation early in our engagement. Nancy Bell and I are very proud and appreciative of the rain harvesting work you are doing around our house. So far all of your earthworks: kettles, drains, lakes, rivers, culverts are working exactly they way you said they would. We love to watch the rain collect and move through your system. Anyone who visits our home gets a tour of your work. And the big plus is that everything looks beautiful. Another plus is your crew. It’s just nice to have your crew around. I have to keep myself away so as not to slow progress. I am impressed by the seriousness, professionalism and dedication of the crew. We look forward to your continuing work. You bring a wonderful vibe to our home.
— Bill Burke