Management / Maintenance


Why Management / maintenance from ReGen?

Our team is unique in our high degree of horticultural training and knowledge. Many of our team members hold degrees in Horticulture and are Permaculture certified, are able to identify plant species, assess the health of a landscape and provide suggestions that will increase soil health, encourage landscape biodiversity and conserve water. A horticulturally focused maintenance team can take care of all of your landscape needs and improve the aesthetic value of your property.


What is the ReGen management / maintenance Service offering?

  • Plant health monitoring

  • Soil health monitoring

  • Checking for early signs of disease and infestation

  • Implementing integrated pest management strategies

  • Irrigation system monitoring and adjusting

  • Organic fertilizer application as needed

  • Compost tea application as needed—for probiotic support of the plants and soil. {weekly (during establishment), monthly (ideal), quarterly (minimum)}

  • Mulching, weeding, pruning, and seasonal cutback

Our maintenance team can supplement your existing gardeners, or take care of all of your landscape maintenance needs.

What does it cost?

We have simple pricing for our maintenance offerings:

Half-Day, per visit:

  • $280 Weekly (2 people x 4hrs)

  • $300 Monthly

  • $320 Quarterly / Seasonally

 Full-Day, per visit:

  • $560 Weekly (2 people x 8hrs)

  • $585 Monthly

  • $605 Quarterly / Seasonally


How do I get started?

Contact us via our web form or call us at (805) 564 4943

If we installed your landscape we can start right away with a maintenance plan and schedule our first visit. If we have never been to your site, we can schedule an initial site visit right away and develop a maintenance plan for future visits while we are there.