The ReGen team collectively draws on decades of experience when creating regenerative landscapes.  Our goal is to implement designs that increase soil carbon, habitat, biodiversity, productivity, resilience, and overall system health.  Although our team members come from diverse areas of expertise, we share a passion for creating projects that exceed our client's expectations, are beautiful, and contribute to the health of people and the planet.

What can we build with you?


Rainwater Harvesting

When we capture the beautiful, pure, free rainwater that falls from the sky and keep it on site, we can direct that bounty from our roofs and hardscape surfaces into tanks and rainwater infiltrating earthworks in the garden.  By leveraging this water collected in our own watersheds, we can easily double or triple the volume that parts of a landscape might naturally receive from overhead in a given rain year.  Rather than lose that water to a storm drain that eventually leads to the ocean, by detaining and infiltrating as much water as possible, we can insure deep nourishing moisture for the landscape, recharge of local groundwater, and even replenishment of deeper aquifers that are so important to common good of our community.


Greywater Systems

Greywater is the wastewater produced by sinks, showers, and laundry.  By diverting this perfectly good, lightly used water from the septic sewer system, we can send it into the garden to nourish plants and help build nutrient rich, biologically active soil.  To let it go down the drain would truly be a waste.  

Greywater sources:
12 to 50 Gallons per Laundry load
8 to 12 gallons per shower
30 to 50 gallons per bath


WaterWise, Native and Edible Gardens

The ReGen team uses a variety of strategies in building climate appropriate, regenerative landscapes and in integrating edible plants where possible.  Often by emphasizing the use of native and Mediterranean plants in areas fed by rainwater and edibles in areas supplemented by Greywater, we can create an environment for both to coexist.


Erosion Mitigation 

We provide silt fence installation, tree barriers,  trenching, & other erosion control services.


Project Management

We apply our of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to accurately meet the project requirements.