Hope Ranch Hideaway

This former hillside lawn that once only shed water has become a rainwater infiltrating landscape, sending rainwater from the roof and the patio into the soil. Using a system of berms and basins buttressed by natural rock walls to cope with the steep slope, we created routes to slow and sink rainwater into the landscape. As the plantings fill in their roots will grow deep and aid in knitting the soil together, as well as provide habitat for a healthy soil food web. The client desired to maintain a small area of turf, so in place of thirsty cool-season grasses, we created a meadow with native and drought-tolerant grasses which can be mowed or left to grow to their natural height. The remainder of the landscape was designed in such a way that it can thrive on winter rains and minimal irrigation will be necessary.


Scope of work:

  • Reduce size and replace the existing bermuda and kikuyu grass lawn with a climate appropriate meadow of native Carex and Bentgrass to maintain a place for the dogs and family to roam and play.

  • Mix of native and Mediterranean plants species to encourage birds, butterflies, bees and more into the yard.

  • Earthworks to harvest the rain in creeks, basins and waterfalls (overflows).

  • Dry stack Santa Barbara sandstone rock walls for terracing slope

  • Create paths, access points, and creek crossings

  • Upgrade irrigation (drip and micro spray)

  • Install path lighting